SCCEMS Medical Director
By EMS Chief Bob Hotchkiss
November 18, 2019

Having an engaged and involved EMS Medical Director is essential to a successful EMS service and to meet SCCEMS's mission deliver quality pre-hospital emergency medical services designed to meet the needs of the citizens and visitors of the community... SCCEMS Medical Director Dr. Josh Simon provides for the education, oversight, and evaluation of the MEDIC 94 paramedic staff. This oversight may include setting quality assurance and quality improvement benchmarks with our EMS Sergeants, reviewing patient care records, providing quarterly and ongoing training out the medics and other administrative duties. By far, Dr. Simons's favorite activity as SCCEMS Medical Director is riding with our crews and seeing them in the field providing their outstanding clinical care to our patients.
Since becoming SCCEMS Medical Director in April 2019, Dr. Simon has had the goal to ride with every SCCEMS paramedic and learn about the system that they operate in and develop feedback from the providers on how we can meet our goal of continually improving the services that we provide to our patients and developing our team of caring professionals.

Units: MEDIC 94-2, SCCEMS Medical Director 94-66