SCCEMS-MEDIC 94 Receives OSFC Grant
By EMS Chief Bob Hotchkiss
January 23, 2020

SCCEMS-MEDIC 94 received official notification today from the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner's Office of a grant award for the organization totaling $9,192.44 through the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

The grant funding will go towards the purchase of portable transport ventilators to assist our paramedics in managing our most critical patients.

This grant program is a great asset to all Fire and EMS services throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Over the past 18 years, this annual grant program has allowed SCCEMS to purchase essential life saving and personal protective equipment for our paramedics.

SCCEMS-MEDIC 94 would like to thank Representatives John Lawrence and Christina Sappey as well as Senator Andy Dinnaman for their annual support of the legislation supporting this grant.