Thank You to our Municipalities for Financial Support
By EMS Chief Bob Hotchkiss
February 1, 2020

SCCEMS-MEDIC 94 would not be able to provide the valuable life-saving services to the community without the financial support from the 18 municipalities that we serve. For over a decade, SCCEMS has requested .1 mil of funding from each of our municipalities. That funding directly supports the operation of our two 24/7/365 MEDIC 94 units based in Jennersville and Avondale. In 2019, that municipal, support represented roughly a third of our operating budget.
In 2019, elected officials from our 18 municipalities met under the leadership of Richard Scott-harper of London Grove Township to discuss the funding formula for SCCEMS MEDIC 94 for 2021 and beyond. This new formula is based on population, millage and call volume vs millage alone. It is a formula with proven success over the past several years funding West Grove Ambulance for the 7 municipalities that they serve.
We thank our municipalities leadership for their support in 2019 and their commitment to future funding of a first-class advanced life support service for their community.